Wendy Mellinger, AIA, NCARB

Wendy received a Master in Architecture from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design in 1998. She is fortunate enough to have designed a colorful array of building types, such as: civic aquariums, public libraries and an opera house. She has now brought the scale of her work down to a residential one. Her natural eye for design along with a disciplined practice makes her uniquely qualified to make your property look its absolute best.

Whether you are remodeling for your own enjoyment, readying your house for sale or looking to update a new house I will do everything I am able to make your transition as stress free as possible.


Stephanie H.: Project Price $25-$50,000

I recently bought a house and was looking to undertake serious renovations in the master suite. I interviewed several interior designers, but in the end chose Wendy because instead of a phone interview, she showed up with architectural drawings made from the real estate listing. She was ready to listen to what I wanted, and gently corrected my ideas into better decisions. This go getter style impressed me and I knew she was right for me from the start. After a walk through with her recommended general contractor, I felt comfortable in her advocacy, schedule, cost control, and efficiency. Since then she has exceeded my expectations in availability, ability to track and manage my 423,000 questions and requests, remain professional, and communicate my wishes logically and timely to the contractor. She has earned my trust with patience and direct honesty. Wendy has been worth her weight in gold. I can’t wait for the next phase of my renovation work with Wendy and would recommend her for any job that you want done well!

Keith R.: Project Price $25-$50,000

As a contractor, we pride ourselves in completing a task to the best of our ability. Having an Architect/Company that will pick up the phone when the need arises is imperative. Working With WM design has given us the ability to move through this project with direction as detailed plans were laid out for us with clear and concise direction. While most contractors may not like the details, the job sure does deserve every detail. Without WM Design, we couldn't have come close to this getting this project done.

Rouben D.: Project Price $25-$50,000

Wendy is an excellent professional. As part of my home remodeling she designed my entire kitchen, including cabinetry, back splash, appliances, sink and faucets, gorgeous island and counter-tops. She met the deadline within budget. She promptly responded to the contractor's questions. There were no change orders. My family thinks the kitchen is drop dead gorgeous!

Bonnie G.: Project Price $25-$50,000

We hired Wendy to help us with our kitchen remodel. We were doing most of the work ourselves and using Ikea design services, but we really needed a professional to ensure we were making the best use of the space. She created several floor plans and helped us bring a professional, polished look to our project. She made many important recommendations about the flow of the room, lighting placement, and location of appliances. We're thrilled with the design and with our renovation.

David E.: Project Price less than $1,000

I contacted Wendy for design advice on a home that I had listed for sale in DC. Wendy was very prompt in responding to my request. She provided a quick summary of the service she would provide at various price levels. Once engaged, Wendy proceeded by delivering a thorough report with her proposed strategy. Immediately upon diving in, Wendy truly seemed invested in my success and provided the valuable advice needed for this project.

Eric W. Project Price less than $1,000

I recently bought a house and moved very little furniture from my former home. I sought out Wendy's advice in order to validate some preliminary decorating ideas and find perspective/inspiration for a formal living room and casual family room. Given only a basic floorplan and asking only one or two simple questions, Wendy developed and delivered a design in one day. Despite the speed, it was thoughtful, taking into consideration function, flow, light and other information I never shared. I'm so happy I sought out Wendy's input - she is a pro's pro!


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